Preparing cities to harness the data revolution.

OpenCities Institute is dedicated to helping decision-makers use data to improve urban development.

As cities enter the information age, new data technologies and practices are allowing their administration to be far more targeted in addressing the most critical development challenges. New frameworks like the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda are leveraging this data revolution to help cities design feedback systems that will enable them to be more effective, more equitable, and ultimately more sustainable.

OCI’s courses, combining theory and practice, are designed to train a new generation of urban practitioners in evidence-based city management.

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A data-driven approach
to urban development
GLOBAL best practices &
targeted case studies
Hands-on learning
with software tools

Directed at city administrators and urban development professionals, OCI courses aim to make participants into thought leaders who can understand the potential of evidence-based planning and apply these ideas to their own cities or projects. Applied learning modules, featuring hands-on engagement with open data tools, provide participants with the technical skills to initiate or support urban data strategies. OCI courses are designed around:

Theory: Understand the processes and technologies of urban data management and their impact on city development. Learn how global frameworks like the Sustainable Development Goals can be used to leverage local development efforts.

Case Studies: Identify opportunities and major challenges to creating effective data strategy in resource-constrained cities.

Practice:Learn hands-on how to define logical frameworks and apply open-source tools across the data management cycle to improve real-time decision-making.

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